Veterinary Medicine Curriculum

Note: The Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine reserves the right to alter its curriculum to address evolving college goals and resources.

Total credits first year - 51.5

Total credits second year - 55

Didactic credits third year - 34

Clinical credits third/fourth years - 84

Total for program completion - 224.5

Winter Quarter

Course Code
Sub-Total Credits

Upon entering the clinical program, students must choose a clinical track, either small animal or mixed animal. Scheduling of all rotations is directed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.


The clinical phase of the curriculum consists of five quarters that run continuously beginning Spring quarter of the third year. During the clinical program, students must complete a total of 84 credits of rotations. This will include 57 credits of required oncampus rotations and 27 credits of elective rotations. In general, blocks are two weeks in length. However, during certain times when clinic hours are limited, three-week blocks may be used. Students are awarded three credits for each block, regardless of length.

Students have two blocks available for vacation during the clinical program. One occurs over the Winter holidays, and the other will vary, but can only be taken during a 2-week block. Vacation time cannot be scheduled during a required rotation. Time-off requests must follow the policies set forth in the current rotation manual.

Elective Clinical Courses (Rotations)

To be eligible for academic credit, an externship rotation must be planned with and approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (Clinical Education Team).

Total Credits