Scholarships and Awards


American Association of Women Podiatrist Founders Scholarship

American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeon's Division IV Student Travel Scholarship

American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeon's Division VIII New England States Scholarship

APMA Educational Foundation

Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals Scholarship

Basil M. Tucker Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarship Foundation Scholarship

Indian Health Service Health Professions Scholarship

John R. Burdick Endowed Fund for International Medicine

Johnson & Johnson Wound Management Scholarship

Meyer Friedlander and Milton Klasky Tikkun Olam Scholarship

Podiatry Insurance Company of America Scholarship The Puerto Rico Podiatric Medicine Scholarship

Washington State Podiatric Medical Association Ed Erickson Scholarship

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

Zelda Walling Vicha Memorial Scholarship

Research Scholarships

Carol A. Jensen Innovation in Podiatric Medicine Research Scholarship

Irvin O. Kanat, D.P.M. Diabetic Foot Care Research Scholarship

Earl G. Kaplan, D.P.M. Surgical Research Scholarship Anita J. Moynihan Wound Care Research Scholarship

William F. Todd, D.P.M. Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Research Scholarship


American Board of Podiatric Medicine Graduate of Merit Award

Michael L. Stone, DPM Outstanding Professional Conduct Award

Samuel Mason, DPM Pioneering Service Award Timothy Holbrook, DPM Memorial Award of Excellence Jeffrey C. Page, DPM Distinguished Student Award Kathleen M. Stone, DPM Leadership Award

Ken Suarez, Ph.D. Award of Research Excellence