PSYCG 1670: Advanced Psychotherapy Practice

Credits 3.0
The course is designed to assist the student in developing a personal approach to psychotherapy practice, based upon their training in theoretical models and treatment, and their individual personality, preferences, and values. The course focuses on using the students’ theoretical model to conceptualize their clients and to provide appropriate treatment interventions within that theoretical model. Case management, formulation, and ongoing evaluation are discussed. Previously PSYCG 1730.


PSYCG 1631 Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches to Psychotherapy; PSYCG 1632 Psychodynamic Approaches to Psychotherapy; PSYCG 1649 Group Therapy; PSYCG 1635 Marriage and Family Counseling and Therapy; PSYCG 1653 Existential and Humanistic Theory and Therapy; must be taken concurrently with PSYCG 1671 Advanced Psychopathology