PMEDG 1731: Podiatric Surgery III

Credits 5.0
This course expands on the principles discussed in both Podiatric Surgery I and II with a focus on rearfoot and reconstructive surgical principles. The emphasis will include the entire treatment course from early detection and diagnosis to conservative and surgical management. The topics of discussion include conditions such as heel pain, flat feet, cavus foot, subtalar and ankle joint arthrosis, arthroscopy of the foot and ankle, total ankle arthroplasty, and the use of external fixation.


PMEDG 1531 Podiatric Surgery I; PMEDG 1631 Podiatric Surgery II: PMEDG 1512, 1641 Podiatric Medicine I, II; PMEDG 1521, 1651 Biomechanics of Lower Extremity Function I, II; PMEDG 1531 Introduction to Podiatric Surgery; PMEDG 1643 Advanced Lower Extremity Anatomy; PMEDG 1644 Medical Imaging; PMEDG 1663 Podiatric Pathomechanics I