PMEDG 1631: Podiatric Surgery II

Credits 3.5
Podiatric Surgery II informs students of the common deformities that occur in the foot that have underlying biomechanical etiologies. Students correlate the abnormal mechanics of the foot with the selection of and techniques utilized for surgical correction. The clinical skills component will demonstrate the components and techniques used in basic internal fixation, the skills, and techniques used in the radiographic assessment of a Hallux Abducto Valgus deformity, and proper dressing application.


PMEDG 1531 Podiatric Surgery I: PMEDG 1512 Podiatric Medicine I; PMEDG 1521, 1651 Biomechanics of Lower Extremity Function I, II; PMEDG 1531 Introduction to Podiatric Surgery; PMEDG 1643 Advanced Lower Extremity Anatomy; PMEDG 1644 Medical Imaging