CLMDG 1803: Osteopathic Clinical Medicine IV

Credits 2.5

Osteopathic Clinical Medicine IV is a fourth-year course composed of lectures, online cases & modules, and hands-on osteopathic manipulative treatment labs. Didactic sessions focus on preparing students for residency and increased patient care responsibilities; population-based care that factors in healthcare policies; and patient-centered delivery of care. Didactic topics covered in the course include social determinants of health; cost conscious care; healthcare disparities; gender-affirming care; healthcare policies; end-of-life & palliative care; critical care; substance abuse; chronic pain; motivational interviewing; communication & social media; financial health; physician wellness; low back pain; osteopathic medicine; dermatology; and dental, obstetric, orthopedic, infectious, and trauma associated emergencies. The course is presented over three quarters and is offered asynchronously, with exception of hands-on osteopathic skills labs concentrating on manipulative treatment for hospitalized patients. Student learning is assessed through quizzes after each session on Canvas and faculty checkout on participation in the OMM lab.2.5 credits