CLMDG 1631: Introduction to Imaging

Credits 1.0

The Introduction to Imaging lectures emphasize the history of radiology, along with chest and related structures, the abdomen, and related structures, as well as when and why particular radiographic studies are ordered in clinical medicine. The Radiology section is given in order to introduce the student to both inpatient and outpatient radiology presentations that will be encountered on their clinical rotations.

The course will be partially administered through Canvas. This will allow the students to become familiar with some of the electronic radiology resources. While this course will be completed by the end of spring quarter, it is truly a springboard into radiological learning to take place during the clinical years. The students will continue to have access to the electronic resources introduced throughout the third and fourth years. While the online content will not contain any grading system, the students are encouraged to take advantage of this resource. This resource will contain further learning material for the objectives covered during Introduction to Imaging as well as links to other useful radiology sites.