The College considers for admission those applicants who possess the academic and professional promise necessary for development as outstanding members of the pharmacy profession. The admissions process is highly selective so applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early in the process as the majority of the class is expected to be filled by early January.

Evaluation of completed applications will begin in July and continue until all seats in the class are filled. This initial evaluation will determine which applicants are eligible for on-campus interviews, and a final evaluation will determine which applicants are eligible for acceptance. Multiple criteria are used to select the most qualified candidates in a competitive admissions environment in which the applicant pool exceeds the number of seats available. Grade point averages (GPAs), letters of recommendation, professional preparedness and motivation, personal qualities, communication skills, teamwork skills, and decision-making skills will all be considered when applicant files are reviewed.

Admissions Requirements

Students seeking admission to the College must submit the following documented evidence:

  1. Completion of 60 semester hours or 84 quarter hours of nonremedial, prerequisite coursework from regionally accredited U.S. colleges or universities, or recognized postsecondary Canadian institutions that use English as their primary language of instruction and documentation.
    • Grades of in the C range or better for prerequisite courses
    • Preferred minimum cumulative GPA and science GPAs of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale.
  2. Completion of prepharmacy coursework requirements by the end of spring semester or spring quarter prior to matriculation to the College.
  3. No Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) score is required for admission. 
    • Applicants currently applying to another college within Midwestern University may have scores from the MCAT, DAT, or OAT transferred.
    • Current MWU students wishing to apply to the College of Pharmacy may have scores from the MCAT, DAT, or OAT transferred.
    • Competitive test scores no more than 5 years prior to the planned enrollment year.
  4. Demonstration of a people or service orientation through community service or extracurricular activities.
  5. Motivation for and commitment to the pharmacy profession as demonstrated by previous work, volunteer work, or other life experiences.
  6. Oral and written communication skills necessary to interact with patients and colleagues.
  7. Completion of the College's on-campus or virtual interview process (by invitation only).
  8. Passing the Midwestern University criminal background check.
  9. Commitment to abide by the Midwestern University Drug-Free Workplace and Substance Abuse Policy.

Prerequisite Courses






Written Communication

Any course in English Composition / Writing; *Courses with a significant writing component may satisfy additional credit hours.



Biology with laboratory (for science majors)



Anatomy (human or vertebrate)



General Chemistry with laboratory (for science majors)



Organic Chemistry with laboratory (for science majors)

Any 2 courses in Organic Chemistry.  *Courses with strong organic chemistry component (e.g. Biochemistry) may be acceptable (please consult with an Admissions Counselor).



Physical/Chemical/Biological Sciences

Any course in the areas of physical, chemical or biological sciences (courses may not be used to satisfy multiple prerequisites). Physics recommended.




Any course in the areas of algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, or other advanced mathematics courses. Calculus recommended.






Verbal Communication

Any course in Speech/Public Speaking. *Courses with a significant verbal communication component may satisfy additional credit hours.



Social and Behavioral Sciences

Any 3 courses within the areas of economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, or political science. Economics recommended.

9 12

General Education Electives

Any 2 courses within the areas of humanities, fine arts, foreign language, business, or computer sciences. *Other course may qualify, please consult with an Admissions Counselor.



Total Credit Hours



Application Process and Deadlines

Applicants must submit a completed PharmCAS application by the stated PharmCAS deadline.

Regular Decision PharmCAS Application Applicants must apply via the online PharmCAS application ( which is available usually in July of the academic year preceding the year in which applicants plan to matriculate. Please refer to the PharmCAS application instructions for specific details about completing PharmCAS applications, required documents, and processing time. Applicants who have taken coursework or earned degrees from foreign institutions must also submit to PharmCAS an evaluation of their transcripts from an approved foreign transcript evaluation service (see International Applicants).

The deadline for submitting the PharmCAS application is April 1st each year. In addition to the online application and application fee, applicants are strongly encouraged to forward official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended to PharmCAS by May 1st. PharmCAS will not consider applications complete and will not begin the verification process until all official transcripts have been received.

Students are encouraged to complete their PharmCAS applications early in the cycle. The College will consider completed applications on a first-come, first-served basis until all seats are filled.

  • Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) No PCAT score is required for admission.
    • Applicants currently applying to another college within Midwestern University may have scores from the MCAT, DAT, or OAT transferred.
    • Current MWU students wishing to apply to the College of Pharmacy may have scores from the MCAT, DAT, or OAT transferred.
  • The College of Pharmacy, Glendale Campus has multiple early assurance pathways that include agreements to hold seats for qualified applicants.

    Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program (PPAP)
    The PPAP is a cost-effective, early assurance program for select students enrolled in affiliated community colleges. The program provides students who are motivated to become pharmacists with a clear path to achieving their goal. Students admitted to the PPAP are required to:
    • Complete their prerequisite requirements during the first two years at an affiliated college or university;
    • And then transition into Midwestern University's College of Pharmacy , Glendale Campus to begin a three-year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program.

At the end of five years the successful PPAP student will earn a Pharm.D. degree enabling the graduate to embark upon an exciting career in this high-demand healthcare field. Benefits of the PPAP include:

  • An Associate's Degree in Science is earned upon completion of pre- pharmacy coursework.
  • An excellent foundation for pharmacy education.
  • A clear road map for what courses to take and when.
  • Direct entry into MWU CPG upon successful completion of program requirements.

Arizona Christian University (ACU) Articulation Agreement

The ACU Articulation Agreement guarantees interviews and reserves seats in the class for qualified students who fulfill certain requirements. CPG will: Reserve a minimum of 5 seats for students who achieve a minimum of a 3.25 cumulative and science GPA.

  • Letters of Recommendation Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from two professionals directly to PharmCAS. CPG will only accept letters received directly from PharmCAS. It is preferred that one letter be written by a college professor who has actually taught the applicant or a pre-health advisory committee, science professor, or health professional who knows the applicant well. Please refer to the PharmCAS application instructions for specific guidelines and requirements for submitting letters of recommendation. The deadline for submission of the letters of recommendation is May 1st.
  • Completed Applications
    All application materials, including the PharmCAS application, verification of transcripts by PharmCAS, and two letters of recommendation (submitted to PharmCAS), must be received by the Office of Admissions to be reviewed for potential entrance into the College.

Please Note: Applicants are responsible for tracking the receipt of their application materials and verifying the status of their applications on the University website. The Office of Admissions will send qualified applicants instructions for creating an account. Applicants must create and utilize their account to track and check their application status online. Applicants are also responsible for notifying the Office of Admissions of any changes in their mailing address or e-mail address:

Midwestern University Office of Admissions 19555 North 59th Avenue Glendale, AZ 85308
623/572-3215 or 888/247-9277

Interview and Selection Process

The Director of Admissions, Associate Dean, and/or the Admissions Committee review applicant files when complete to determine applicant eligibility for interviews.

Invitations are sent to eligible applicants for an interview, which are scheduled on a first-call, first- scheduled basis. No interviews will be granted until the application process is complete. Interview invitations typically extend from September through May.

During the interview process, applicants will meet with an interview panel that may consist of pharmacy faculty members, pharmacists, and pharmacy students. Panel members will evaluate professional motivation and preparedness, personal qualities, communication skills, and decision-making ability by rating applicants on a standardized evaluation scale. After reviewing the applicant's completed application and interview evaluation, the Admissions Committee recommends accepting, denying, or placing applicants on an alternate list. Recommendations are then forwarded to the Dean for final approval.

Applications to the College are processed and reviewed during regular intervals in the admissions cycle until the class is filled.

The Pharm.D. Program is rigorous and challenging. The Admissions Committee will therefore assess the quality and rigor of the prepharmacy academic records presented by applicants. When assessing the prepharmacy academic records, the Admissions Committee will:

  1. View applicants with cumulative and science grade point averages below 2.75 on a 4.00 scale with particular concern. Although 2.50 on a 4.00 scale is the preferred minimum cumulative and science GPA for admission consideration, higher cumulative GPAs are more competitive and recommended.
  2. View with concern applicants whose prepharmacy math and science coursework was completed longer than 10 years ago. More recent (within five years) prepharmacy math and science coursework is preferred.
  3. Consider the reputations for quality and rigor of the institutions where applicants have taken coursework, the extent of completion of science prerequisites, the usual credit load carried per term, the difficulty level of previous coursework, and trends in the applicant's grades.

Additional MWU Agreements (Inter-college)

MWU Arizona College of Medicine (AZCOM) Admission Program

The MWU Arizona College of Medicine will annually reserve up to five seats in each of their matriculating classes for qualified College of Pharmacy, Glendale Campus students who are interested in attending the College of Medicine following graduation from CPG. Under this agreement, qualified pharmacy students in their first or second year of the Pharm.D. program apply for admission to AZCOM with delayed matriculation to the Fall Quarter following graduation from CPG.

Reapplication Process

After receiving a denial letter, applicants may reapply for the next enrollment cycle. Before reapplying, however, applicants should seek the advice of an admissions counselor. To initiate the reapplication process, applicants must submit their application to PharmCAS. Applications are then processed by the standard application procedures.

Transfer Admission from Another Pharmacy School

The College may accept transfer students from other ACPE- accredited pharmacy schools or colleges who are currently enrolled, are in good academic standing, and provide legitimate reasons for seeking transfer.

Transfer applicants should not apply via PharmCAS. All requests for transfer information should be referred to the Office of the Dean where potential transfer applicants can receive counseling prior to receiving and submitting their applications.

Students requesting transfers must meet the College's general requirements for admission. They must also submit the following documents by January 15th:

  1. A letter to the Associate Dean of Professional Affairs indicating their reasons for requesting transfer and explaining any difficulties encountered at their current institution;
  2. A completed College transfer application;
  3. Official transcripts from all schools attended-undergraduate, graduate, and professional;
  4. Catalogs and detailed pharmacy syllabi for any courses for which advanced standing consideration is requested;
  5. A letter from the Dean of the college of pharmacy in which the student is enrolled that describes their current academic status and terms of withdrawal or dismissal;
  6. One letter of recommendation from a faculty member at the current college of pharmacy;
  7. Additional documents or letters of recommendation as determined by the Director of Admissions or Dean.

The Office of  the Dean will collect and forward student portfolios to the Admissions Committee for review. When reviews are positive, candidates will be invited for interviews and their completed file will be reviewed by the committee which will provide a recommendation. When transferring students are admitted and request advanced standing, the Office of the Dean will forward these student requests to the appropriate faculty. No advanced standing credit will be awarded for professional pharmacy coursework completed at a foreign college of pharmacy.

Readmission After Dismissal or Withdrawal for Poor Academic Performance

Students dismissed or who withdraw due to poor academic performance may reapply for admission to the College if they:

  1. Seek academic counseling from the Office of the Dean prior to enrolling in the required advanced prepharmacy curriculum;
  2. Complete at least two semesters or three quarters of full-time study (i.e., at least 15 credit hours per semester or quarter) of a curriculum at the advanced prepharmacy level or higher at a regionally accredited U.S. college or university;
  3. Earn grades of at least C (not C-)  in all courses taken;
  4. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better.

Students fulfilling these requirements will be permitted to reapply to the University and the College. Students should obtain their applications from the Office of the Dean and not through PharmCAS. Completed readmission applications must be submitted by February 15th to the Office of the Dean. The completed application of reapplying PS-1 students will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review and recommendation. The completed application of a reapplying PS-2 or PS-3 student will be forwarded by the Office of the Dean to the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee for review and recommendation. The respective committees will review applications for evidence of improved academic potential. Committee recommendations are forwarded to the Dean for final action.

No guarantee of admission is implied, and questions related to advanced standing and similar issues will be addressed as they are for new applicants. Readmission will be granted only once.