Academic and Administrative Policies

The following academic policies apply to all students who matriculate during the academic year of this catalog publication. These policies will apply throughout the entire time a student is enrolled in the college. In the event that these policies need to be revised as the result of new accreditation requirements, mandates by the United States Department of Education, or other unforeseen circumstances, students will be notified in writing prior to the effective date of the new policy.

Faculty and students should also refer to the University Academic Policy section for additional policies that apply to all students at Midwestern University.

Extended Program

For various reasons, a restructuring of a student's academic course load may be necessary. If qualified, an individual's academic course load may be reduced so that the student enters an extended track program. Such a program rearranges the course schedule so that the normal time period for the program is extended, usually by an additional year. A student is placed on an extended program by the Academic Review Committee.