The Vision of ONE: Everyone involved with CDMA, working as ONE team, should have that ONE singular purpose of developing competent and confident clinicians in mind as they approach each day.

The following themes guide the CDMA in pursuit of the Vision of ONE.

  • Remembering ONE purpose of developing competent and confident clinicians
  • Inspiring the desire for growth and development in everyone
  • Modeling the concept of ONE team from Admissions to Graduation
  • Teaching the teachers and leading the leaders
  • Standardizing the CDMA faculty to uniform instruction
  • Empowering students to be partners in their education
  • Empowering staff to be partners in the education of the students
  • Developing leadership skills that bring out the best in the students
  • Utilizing patient centered care to foster empathy by precept, example, and service
  • Leading others to act for the betterment of the larger whole - group, class, school, profession, and community
  • Empowering students to believe in themselves
  • Teaching students the importance of lifelong learning
  • Instilling in students the importance of balance and humility in life
  • Helping students to develop good habits that will last a lifetime
  • Developing a culture of opportunity
  • Developing a culture of optimism
  • Developing a culture of exceptionalism with humility
  • Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Equity