Speech Pathology Curriculum (Leveling Track)

The Leveling Track curriculum is composed of 67.5 to 68.5 required course credits (quarter hours) for the first academic year, 56 required course credits for the second academic year for a total of 123.5 (for students who complete the Capstone project) to 124.5 (for students who complete the Thesis project) quarter credits. Clinical practica are scheduled in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth quarters of the curriculum. Advanced practica, or full-time placements in healthcare or educational settings, are secured for the last two quarters of the program.

Students in the Leveling Track begin one quarter early (Summer I) online to complete 12 additional credit hours of leveling courses. Students will resume coursework in the Fall Quarter all on-campus continuing with the first year traditional track curriculum.

First Professional Year

Summer 1 Quarter (Leveling Track Only)

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