PMEDG 1774: General Orthopedics and Disorders of Bone

Credits 2.5
This course is designed to introduce the student to many of the conditions that afflict the bone. Topics will include osseous tumors and an extensive review of the rheumatologic conditions that can manifest in the lower extremity. In preparation for orthopedic and trauma rotations, conditions that affect the spine, hip, knee and upper extremity are also reviewed. The clinical skills component is designed to demonstrate to the student the classic radiographic findings seen with the more commonly encountered bone tumors.


PMEDG 1512, 1641 Podiatric Medicine I, II; PMEDG 1521, 1651 Biomechanics of Lower Extremity Function I, II; PMEDG 1643 Advanced Lower Extremity Anatomy; PMEDG 1644 Medical Imaging