PMEDG 1641: Podiatric Medicine II

Credits 3.5
This course expands on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed in Part I. Focus will be placed on the management of the lower extremity manifestations of diabetes, infectious disease and peripheral vascular disease. The diagnosis, medical and surgical management of the diabetic foot, including lower extremity ulcerations, neuropathy and Charcot are discussed in detail. Infectious disease and wound care considerations will be presented in both lecture and lab formats, providing hands-on experiences with many of the advanced treatment options available.


ANATG 1517, 1527, 1537 Anatomical Sciences I, II, & III; BIOCG 1512, 1523 Biochemistry I, II; PHYSG 1523, 1534 Physiology I, II; PMEDG 1512 Podiatric Medicine I