CMEDG 1602: Osteopathic Patient Care II

Osteopathic Patient Care II is a blend of case-based curriculum, online modules, large group didactics, small group learning experiences, and standardized patient clinical encounters. In the case sessions, a clinical case is presented, and students must obtain a history and physical examination on the patient. Students work in small student groups to determine problem lists, differentials, and treatment plans. Students write SOAP notes and prescriptions based on their clinical cases, and an in-depth discussion of the case is provided by the faculty the following week. Students will participate in Objective Structured Clinical Experiences (OSCE) to further develop and refine their clinical history and exam skills, presentations, SOAP note writing, and interpersonal skills.  Additional sessions of this course provide further clinical correlations in either small group, online module, or lecture format, with a strong focus on the gastrointestinal, renal, and genitourinary systems. Topics in evidence-based medicine (EBM) and biostatistics are incorporated throughout the course. Small group experiences include topics of jaundice and elevated liver enzymes, ultrasound and case presentations.