One Health


ONEHG 1301C: One Health Grand Rounds

Credits 2.0

This course is open to all students in professional curricula at MWU. In cross-disciplinary teams mentored by MWU faculty or liaisons from public health agencies, each student team will select a topic based on its public health importance and professional relevance, review available research and publications, and provide an oral presentation of their findings. Through the collaborative research process and team presentations, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the contributory role each health professional has within their respective scope of community practice.

ONEHG 1301J: One Health Grand Rounds

Credits 2.0
This elective course is designed to foster interest and discussion on major public health issues, and promote interprofessional study and research related to One Health. Each topic will focus on key challenges related to a specific health topic and explore cutting-edge scientific evidence and the potential impact of different interventions. The outcome will be to highlight how these challenges are being addressed at the national, state, and/or local levels and propose recommendations for future research and practice.