MWU GME Consortium

Historical match rates to graduate medical education programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education can be found on the AZCOM Program Statistics webpage. 

Through its membership in the Midwestern University Graduate Medical Education Consortium, AZCOM offers a continuity of osteopathic medical education from the first year of medical school to the final year of postdoctoral training. With unique predoctoral and postdoctoral teaching and training opportunities at some of the finest health care facilities in the Midwest and Southwest, as well as around the country, AZCOM and MWU GME affiliated hospitals consistently lead the nation in terms of cutting-edge technology, treatment, and care.

The MWU GME Consortium is accredited by ACGME and serves as an institutional sponsor for ACGME sponsored accredited residency programs in the region of the Glendale Arizona campus and also provides resources and accreditation services to institutions which sponsor their own GME programs. With a focused commitment to osteopathic principles and practices, development, and support of clinical rotations, the Midwestern University Graduate Medical 

Education (GME) Consortium postdoctoral program include residencies in primary disciplines, and fellowship programs and have received accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. (ACGME) Arizona.

AZCOM and MWU GME Consortium is broad reaching in scope, resulting in a multifaceted approach to graduate medical education that focuses on primary care. Each training site provides the highest quality clinical experience necessary to train future physician healthcare professionals. With a goal of providing access to resources, which will facilitate a quality clinical learning environment within each program across each hospital site and clinic. Residents and fellows can expect a stimulating educational environment with exposure to a diverse variety, scope, and volume of patients.